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How Anaplan and Profit& work together

In the right hands, an effective Connected Planning software like Anaplan provides support and efficiency for your company. You need a consultancy with expert knowledge of building processes like demand planning and supply chain management, for example, onto your Connected Planning Platform.

So how do Anaplan and Profit& work together to support transformation in planning and decision-making in your organisation?


How Profit& utilises Anaplan

We use Anaplan to effectively redesign, connect and implement planning solutions across your business. 

Working by a system of discovery, implementation and solution support, we’ll assess your infrastructure, your current planning processes, re-define them and create a roadmap to implement Anaplan. We also help you to make a firm business case for the solution so that you can gain internal buy-in and attract the required budget.

Discovery deals with assessing your technical infrastructure, evaluation and selection of technology and developing business cases and ROI. Implementation is where we build your bespoke Anaplan platform, manage your projects, integrate your data and create business intelligence reports.

We continue to provide solution support for as long as you need us after the initial implementation is completed. You might need piece of mind from knowing we are available to help over critical periods, to provide training for new people or simply to check that you are implementing change requests in the optimum way.

So how do we use Anaplan to benefit your business?

The benefits of Anaplan’s modelling differentiators

Flexibility to model any use case

Anaplan’s flexibility as a planning software allows you to build increasingly accurate models at a strategic or operational level. These can be built for sales, finance, supply chain, workforce or IT that feed key finance reports - P&L, Balance Sheet, Cashflow Statements in real-time. This gives management access to the latest financial position, based on the latest operations information and KPI's.

Integrate planning across all use cases

We use Anaplan’s software to implement and integrate effective planning over all use cases in real-time. This avoids the transfer of data from point applications, spreadsheets and other sources, saving time and increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Real-time model adjustments

A great benefit of Anaplan is its ability to make adjustments to plans in real-time. This means that you can view and validate the impact of changes to modelling assumptions on plans, as and when they are initiated.

Excel formula-like calculation definitions

Anaplan makes calculations simple. You’ll no longer need complex coding, scripting or data expressions, as the software enables business rule and calculation definition in a user-friendly way.

Real-time hierarchy management

With Anaplan, you can change your hierarchy definitions in real-time, using an incredibly simple drag-and-drop feature.

Real-time ‘what-if’ scenario planning

If you have any assumptions or queries about projected outcomes, our knowledgeable experts with years of experience will be able to help you to create scenarios using Anaplan on-the-fly. These scenarios are based on the data collated in real-time and allow you to model the impact of potential internal or external changes.

For example, your scenarios could be looking into new products, customers or even a new company structure. This enables you to leverage complex predictive analytics for improved foresight into future business performance.

Model change history

Sometimes your models will need to change due to market forces or changes inside your business. Our team can help you understand and audit the evolution of your business models or even revert back to past versions.

Data change history

Similarly, utilising Anaplan allows you to understand changes to your plans and data. This provides transparency to both your cross-functional planning and to your teams individually.

Those are the key modelling differentiators which set the Anaplan planning software apart, but what about interfaces and ease-of-use?

User Interface Differentiators 

Immediately render plan and model changes to all views

By creating, implementing and visualising all plans then and there, you can easily understand the impact of changes to plans or data. All this can be done without the need for additional clicks. Compare this with what would be required to achieve the same using multiple linked MS Excel models.

Combined planning, reporting and analytics, including interactive pivoting

Anaplan’s user-friendly experience allows for planning, analysis and master data maintenance to be carried out simultaneously, all on the same view. These views can also be pivoted for reporting, planning and dashboarding at multiple levels, without the need for redefining your plans over multiple sets of views which takes both time and effort.

The way we utilise Anaplan increases the ease in which your teams can work. In turn, this develops upon the efficiency of your planning and inter-team relations, helping to create a better working environment. 

Apart from all these benefits that come from dedicated planning software experts, what makes Profit& such a necessary solution to your finance integration?

Why Work With Profit&?

Disconnection can be a major problem for a lot of organisations. Certain teams will sometimes not have access, visibility and transparency when it comes to planning, costs and profits.

Using Anaplan we bridge the gaps in your business. This means planning, reporting and profit-making will all become more efficient. Imagine yielding an ROI of 537% through connecting and improving your business processes, enabling value chain and what-if scenario analysis to develop a better business.

Collaborative planning brought about by Profit&, utilising Anaplan, drives collaboration and synergy across business units. Workforce, marketing and IT services will all work as one through dedicated engagement and analysis, brought about by an experienced and established team.

We help you to forecast for the future and stay ahead of trends, through a combination of Anaplan technology and our innovative thinking. At Profit&, we don’t just offer best-in-class planning software, we also provide the insight on how to apply it to your business properly, reinventing the processes and workflows that slow you down.

With an experienced team, we can provide cost-effective solutions to your issues and maximise the profit and potential of your business. As an Anaplan Silver Partner, Profit& offer customers consistent and reliable service quality.


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We’ll be able to answer all of your questions and explain the processes we use to bring cohesion and effectiveness to your demand planning.

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