Connecting the Supply Chain

Increase connectedness between roles and improve the smoothness of supply chain data flows by leveraging digital technology that acts as a digital enabler to unlock:

  • Cost reduction from excess stock.
  • Cooperation between logistics, procurement, and finance.
  • Increate in forecast accuracy.
  • Minimisation of supply chain disruptions.
  • Time for value-added planning and decision-making.

Leverage a digital platform to connect supply chain planning



Procurement and Demand Planning

Ensure full transparency of demand data and supplier efficiency and effectiveness through close cooperation with logistics departments.



Production Planning & Scheduling

Instantly respond to disruptions regardless of their source, and optimise production plans to find the "sweet spot" dictated by multiple process constraints.



Inventory Management

Leverage up-to-date stock, production plans, and purchase orders data to ensure that stock is always in the right place and at the right time.




Freight Forwarding

Schedule accurately and avoid early arrivals or late departures using insights coming from full transparency of the stock flow.



Supply Chain Strategy Planning

Achieve operational excellence and cascade KPIs effectively through increased awareness and transparency of connected processes.


Inventory Planner Thumbnail

Inventory Planner

Provides the data and tools needed to optimize stock levels and keep production lines running.


Excess Inventory Planner

Control levels of excess inventory with up-to-the-minute stock and demand data.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Simplifies and speeds up the process of reporting and monitoring greenhouse gas emissions.