Real-Time Workforce Planning

Improve the efficiency of workforce planning processes by incorporating employee data-driven planning and analysis. By connecting your digital workforce planning platform to any HR system, you can...

  • Access real-time overview of any plans across existing and planned roles by Teams, Functions, and Locations.  
  • Project any future workforce needs based on factors, such as business growth, or staff turnover.
  • Identify any gaps between the current workforce and your future needs.
  • Collaborate across the enterprise on Workforce planning.
  • Continually monitor, evaluate, and adjust plans to match the evolving business environments.

Connect HR and Financial plans and processes 


Strategic Workforce Planning

Focust on alignment between the organisation's workforce plans with overall company goals and strategy.



Real-Time Workforce Planning

Address immediate workforce needs and adjust plans to meet short-term goals. It may involve adjusting staffing levels, reassigning employees, or filling temporary or seasonal positions.



Replacement Management

Ensure the continuity of key positions and the replacements required if the existing employees change team and/or location.



Collaborate Across the Enterprise

Digital Planning platforms bring together data, people, and plans for effective collaboration across the enterprise.




Compensation Modelling

Evaluate compensation and incentives to underpin talent acquisition and retention strategy.


Workforce Capacity Planning

Identify critical shortages in workforce capacity. Analyse and plan the personnel needs of the company given existing or upcoming time constraints.


Scenario Modelling

Assess the impact on the workforce of most likely business changes, long-range plans, and initiatives.


40% Increase in workforce planner productivity

across the enterprise

Source: Forrester report: The Total Economic Impact™ of Anaplan

Workforce Optimistion Thumbnail

Workforce Optimiser for Projects

Consider billions of possible solutions for deploying workforce across projects, to maximise efficiency and profit margin.

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Sales Performance Management

Provides the data insights needed to execute an effective sales strategy and react quickly to changes in business priorities, resources, and the environment.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Simplifies and speeds up the process of reporting and monitoring greenhouse gas emissions.