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13 Jun


Live Webinar
Finance Hold The Key To Airline Profitability

Making what may seem like small incremental improvements to flight and route profitability will have a significant impact on airline profit.  Steve and Claire will explore the critical role of Finance to provide timely insights into route cost and profitability to support impactful networking planning decisions.

Steve is a passionate advocate of forward-focused decision-making and will discuss why it’s important to connect financial models, in real-time, if you want to unlock previously impossible-to-reach profits, and significantly enhance Finance Business Partnering capabilities. Often the time it takes to extract financial data, manipulate it in spreadsheets, analyse, and report, can mean that key decisions are reliant on out-of-date, or incomplete financial data.  Steve believes that the risk of using inaccurate data is unsustainable given the complex and competitive nature of the airline industry.

Steve will share his experience of developing performance management solutions in airlines, and he and Claire will discuss how Anaplan enables Finance to access timely and accurate forecasts of cost and profitability that support intelligent decision-making. 

Join Steve and Claire to learn why those airlines getting on board with Anaplan digital technology, are achieving more than incremental improvements to their bottom line.

15 Mar


Live Webinar
Digitization Drives Connectedness In The Supply Chain
A 2020 report from McKinsey indicated that issues revealed by COVID-19 will transform supply chains in the future.  Issues were found right across supply chain sub-units from demand and supply planning, production planning and scheduling, distribution, logistic, and warehousing.  85% said that they struggled because of insufficient digital technologies in the supply chain.

Join this webinar to learn how digitization drives greater connectedness across sub-units of the supply chain, and how this drives efficiency, increased profit margin, and reduced inventory levels and costs
27 Feb


Round Table
Inteligentne planowanie w czasach niepewności

Dbanie o wydajność biznesu zaczyna się od zintegrowanego planowania, dającego decydentom pełen wgląd we wszystkie części biznesu— nie tylko we własny dział — aby upewnić się, że planowane działania są zgodne z priorytetami firmy, co przyczynia się do elastyczności i operacyjnej odporności.

Dołącz do nas na tym wyjątkowym wydarzeniu w formie kolacji Round Table, aby dowiedzieć się więcej o inteligentnych sposobach planowania. Usłyszysz od liderów branży w Polsce, jak Anaplan pomogło im kształtować elastyczne i odporne przedsiębiorstwo.

Transforming Planning In Sales and Finance At SUSE
The last two years have redefined many industries. Disruption in both supply and demand is now the norm, and the need for accurate planning has become more important than ever. Join our short online webinar to learn how companies can plan faster, more frequently, and more accurately, supporting smarter decision-making.
Transformation in Vertrieb und Finanzen: SUSE denkt den Vertriebsprozess neu
Die letzten zwei Jahre haben viele Branchen neu definiert. Störungen bei Angebot und Nachfrage sind jetzt die Norm. Die Notwendigkeit einer genauen Planung ist wichtiger denn je. Nehmen Sie an unserem kurzen Online-Webinar teil und erfahren Sie von Martin Groelz, Director GTM Execution beim Open-Source-Pionier SUSE warum sich das Unternehmen für Anaplan und die Unterstützung durch profit& entschieden hat. Und wie die neue Zusammenarbeit zwischen Vertrieb und Finanzen funktioniert. Helmke Gerndt, Partner bei profit& wird Ihnen im Anschluß einen Einblick in die Lösung geben. 
Transformacja planowania dla finansów i sprzedaży na przykładzie SUSE
Ostatnie dwa lata przedefiniowały wiele branż. Zakłócenia zarówno w popycie jak i podaży są obecnie normą. Potrzeba planowania w biznesie stała się ważniejsza niż kiedykolwiek wcześniej. Dołącz do naszego krótkiego webinar on-line aby dowiedzieć się, jak firmy mogą planować i prognozować szybciej, częściej i dokładniej a tym samym wspierać sprawniejsze podejmowanie decyzji.
FP&A Complexity Made Simple
FP&A can involve some fairly complex modelling, and specialist EPM applications have met that need very well, however they have fallen short in enabling Finance professionals the flexibility to change the underlying assumptions easily and without specialist IT support.  When it comes to flexibility, MS Excel tends to be the answer that most turn to, but this comes with its own issues and prevents FP&A professionals from adding the value that their business needs.

Join this short Webinar to learn why FP&A doesn’t need to be a trade-off between managing complexity and having the flexibility to change assumptions and run complex scenarios quickly, as and when you need to.  You’ll see first-hand how Anaplan, a cloud-native platform, gives the Office of Finance a more agile approach to FP&A, and enables the execution of processes that are faster, more accurate, and require much less effort.  FP&A professionals are then free to focus on helping executives make the right decisions, at the right time, and with greater certainty. 
Agile FP&A for Consumer Packaged Goods
Disruption is now expected in business, yet traditional financial planning and analysis remain slow, error-prone, and fragmented.  In this short Webinar you'll learn how consumer packaged goods businesses can plan, budget, and forecast faster, more often and at a greater level of granularity to support agile decision making. 
Forecast, Forecast, Forecast!

The events of 2020 have convinced businesses across the board that a more agile approach to forecasting and planning is needed if they are to adapt to an environment that is constantly in flux.   To quickly and accurately forecast demand, sales revenue, and profit, businesses need improved visibility of planning across multiple business planning processes such as workforce, sales, marketing, and supply chain. 

In this webinar, we discuss how cloud technology can provide the collaborative planning environment that businesses need to adjust and continually adapt, whilst delivering other benefits like reducing operational costs and the time consumed by forecasting and planning processes.

Transform FP&A and Achieve RoI of 300%

Business leaders expect Finance to provide real-time access to accurate information.  Speed of decision-making is crucial for businesses to respond quickly to market demands ahead of competition.  They know that it's challenging to provide value-added decision support, whilst keeping the overall cost of FP&A low, and that's why many are transitioning to digital technologies.  In this webinar you’ll learn why moving existing processes to the cloud isn’t enough and what else should be considered.