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Operational Excellence and Profitable Growth

Move beyond traditional cost and profit centre reporting to get more accurate cost information by activity, customer, product or any other relevant cost object of your business. Our Profitability and Cost Management solutions will help you to:

  • Reveal hidden profits and improve efficiency.
  • Reduce time for month-end resource-intensive processes.
  • Improve accuracy and reliability of data.
  • Get information that is linked to internal processes (cause-effect relationships).
  • Perform what-if analyses and simulate scenarios and countermeasures.
  • Enable driver-based planning where financial plans incorporate assumptions about business activities,

We can assist you from the optimisation of your cost allocation processes, through to implementing new systems and operating them for you, to producing monthly management and regulatory reporting packages.

Improve Profitability in your Industry



Consumer Packaged Goods

Analyse cost-to-serve to measure all cost factors that go into the servicing of a customer, a channel or the production of a product.

Understand the real cost of internal processes and the drivers of those costs, getting prompt information on resource utilisation, as well as the ability to plan future needs and simulate different scenarios.




Full cost and real-time route profitability calculation, from the whole network down to single routes, to enable data analysis on multiple levels, sucha as by class, geography, customer segment, type of vehicle.

Driver-based forecasts, budgets and scenario planning linked to crucial KPIs, such as Revenue Kilometer (Miles), Load Factor, Fuel Consumption per Passenger.




Reduce time and effort to calculate internal services and product transfer price, to meet regulatory requirements, and simulate multiple scenarios.





Network profitability analysis to provide insights on how to optimise the use of resources.

Establish price floors taking into account current and projected future volumes. 

Increase transparency to meet regulatory reporting requirements.



Financial Services

Improve the transparency of shared services costs, establish more equitable allocations amongst services users, and provide business unit owners with more relevant and meaningful information for decision-making.

Calculate full-cost and real profitability of banking and insurance products by branch, region, customer group, market segment and more.


Reveal Hidden Profits: 30% Of A Company's Business Is Unprofitable!



Train & Bus Route Profitability

Allocate costs and revenues to deliver accurate and reliable route profitability to underpin budgeting, forecasting, long-range planning, and performance management.

Flight Route Profitability Solution Thumbnail2

Flight Route Profitability

Closed doors flight leg profitability, network contribution, and network scenario planning

Financial Reporting and Analysis Thumbnail

Financial Reporting & Analysis Accelerator

Brings together all the data required for Financial Reporting and provides the basis for scenario analysis.