Finance Efficiency and Productivity

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Financial Planning & Analysis process by connecting data, people, and processes using Digital Technology to...

  • Reduce cycle times 
  • Improve accuracy and reliability of data, 
  • Continually plan and forecast for the short and longer term.
  • Be better equipped to support effective decision-making.
  • Reduce your response time to market disruption 

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Connect all Finance Processes on a Digital Platform


Financial Planning

Improve cycle times, accuracy, and reliability with all data on a single platform using the Profit& Accelerator.



Reporting & Analysis

Make the right data available to decision-makers at the right time, so that they can respond to change and market disruption.



Financial Consolidation

Eliminate time-consuming consolidation processes by connecting data and people, across the business, to collaborate on the consolidation processes.



Long-Range Planning

Develop long-range plans linked to driver-based cost models and shorter-term budgets and forecasts. Changes today flow through to the future long-term plan.




Profitability and Cost Management

Underpin planning processes and what-if scenarios with accurate and reliable driver-based cost allocation modeling.



Capital Expense Planning

Align your Capex Plan with corporate strategy.  Link the plan with Cash Flow Forecasting and the Annual planning processes.

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Cash Flow Forecasting

Link cash flow forecasting with operational forecasts to provide visibility into accurate and reliable cash flow forecasts.


The CFO Future of Forecasting Survey

A multitude of forces are disrupting businesses in complex and ambiguous ways.  Forecasts and plans made just weeks prior can become remarkably out of touch very quickly.  This survey asks how CFOs are responding to the need to re-evaluate everything from cash and liquidity positions for their entire business.  Take a look at the findings of this survey in 'The CFO Forecasting the Future' report.

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Financial Reporting Accelerator

Brings together all the data required for Financial Reporting and Scenario Analysis

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Financial Consolidation

Supports IFRS and GAAP standards to deliver financial consolidations you can rely on


Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Simplifies and speeds up the process of reporting and monitoring greenhouse gas emissions.