Workforce Optimiser for Projects

Powered by Anaplan
Consider billions of possible solutions for deploying workforce across projects, to maximise efficiency and profit margin, using Workforce Optimiser for Projects.
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  • Consumer Products, Technology & Software, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Business Services, Manufacturing

Project-orientated businesses, such as Engineering and Construction, are challenged with balancing complex project requirements, maintaining the skills base, and protecting slim margins.  The Profit& Workforce Optimiser provides the insights needed in this complex business environment to optimise the delivery of a portfolio of projects.  Using Anaplan’s powerful Optimiser engine to make trade-off decisions easy, Workforce Optimser is able to consider billions of possible solutions, and suggests the optimum workforce deployment to maximise efficiency and profit margin.

Solution Features
  • A single central database for all workforce-related data including employee details, skills overview, hiring parameters, and projects.
  • A single view of individual project performance with key metrics such as margin, delivery status, skills, and people utilisation.
  • Anaplan Optimiser engine makes trade-off decisions easy.  Optimiser considers billions of possible solutions and suggests the optimum workforce deployment to meet targets such as profit margin. 
  • Scenarios test different mixes of hiring, transfers, and temporary and permanent choices for example. 
  • Early warning alerts to issues such as potential margin erosion, skill shortages, and project overruns.
  •  The Utilisation Control Tower provides a single view of utilisation by business unit, skills, location, and time period.
  • Data transfer automation enables data to flow from source systems without manual intervention.
  • Easy-to-use reporting and data input support effective collaboration between stakeholders within the business.

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