Forecast, Forecast, Forecast!

The events of 2020 have convinced businesses across the board that a more agile approach to forecasting and planning is needed if they are to adapt to an environment that is constantly in flux.   To quickly and accurately forecast demand, sales revenue, and profit, businesses need improved visibility of planning across multiple business planning processes such as workforce, sales, marketing, and supply chain. 

In this webinar, we discuss how cloud technology can provide the collaborative planning environment that businesses need to adjust and continually adapt, whilst delivering other benefits like reducing operational costs and the time consumed by forecasting and planning processes.


  • The importance of agile forecasting.

  • What tools and processes are needed to plan and forecast faster and more accurately.

  • A demonstration of how the Anaplan cloud-native platform can help you to adjust forecast assumptions and variables, and accurately re-forecast in hours, as opposed to days or weeks.

  • A client case study that illustrates the impact and returns on investment.

Who is this for? 

  • Senior Finance Professionals
  • Financial Planning & Analysis Specialists




If you'd like to learn more about transforming finance processes in your business, we'd love to help.  Request a consultation today!