Agile FP&A for Consumer Packaged Goods

Disruption is now expected in business, yet traditional financial planning and analysis remain slow, error-prone, and fragmented.  In this short Webinar you'll learn how consumer packaged goods businesses can plan, budget, and forecast faster, more often and at a greater level of granularity to support agile decision making. 


  • Why traditional methods of FP&A are no longer fit for purpose in CPG.

  • FP&A as an enabler for more agile decision-making in Orkla.

  • Connecting sales forecasts, production planning, new product launch, and capital expenditure planning effectively into more frequent re-forecasts.

  • A CPG case study demonstration, using Anaplan, a cloud-native platform

Who is this for? 

  • Senior Finance Professionals
  • Financial Planning & Analysis Specialists




If you'd like to learn more about transforming finance processes in your business, we'd love to help.  Request a consultation today!