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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Solution
Based in international reporting standards, this GHG Emissions solution simplifies and speeds up the process of reporting and monitoring emissions targets.
Financial Reporting and Analysis Accelerator
Brings together all the data required for Financial Reporting and provides the basis for scenario analysis.
Supply Chain
Inventory Planner
Inventory planner provides the data and tools needed to optimise stock levels and keep production lines running
Sales Performance Management
This solution provides the data insights needed to execute an effective sales strategy and react quickly to changes in business priorities, resources, and the environment.
Workforce Optimiser for Projects
Consider billions of possible solutions for deploying workforce across projects, to maximise efficiency and profit margin, using Workforce Optimiser for Projects.
Contract Management Solution
Ensure profitability of large long-term contracts with up-to-date contract status data, to monitor variations between contracted and actual sales volume and other KPIs.
Train and Bus Route Profitability
Allocate costs and revenues to deliver accurate and reliable route profitability to underpin budgeting, forecasting, long-range planning, and performance management.
Flight Route Profitability
Closed doors flight leg profitability, network contribution, and network scenario planning.
Supply Chain
Excess Inventory Management
Control levels of excess inventory with the latest current stock and demand data.
Financial Consolidation IFRS Solution
Supports IFRS and GAAP standards to deliver financial consolidations that you can rely on.
Supply Chain
Production Schedule Optimiser

 Maximise Profits with the optimum application of supply chain resources.