Finance Teams have been sitting through their toughest stress test in recent years and those without the ability to pivot their business quickly have been found wanting. 

The global pandemic, geopolitical conflicts, and trade disputes are 
disrupting businesses in complex and ambiguous ways. Forecasts and 
plans made just weeks prior can become remarkably out of touch, very 
quickly. In such a climate, CFOs must be poised to act quickly and be 
ready to re-evaluate everything from cash and liquidity positions to their 
entire businesses.

Published in partnership with Profit&, The CFO’s “Future of Forecasting”
survey of more than 100 financial directors and CFOs shows that 85% of 
firms do not have a dedicated financial planning platform.  These firms 
tend to rely heavily on traditional centrally-controlled processes that have 
not fundamentally changed since the 1990s, and spreadsheets are used 
for a lot of financial planning, budgeting, analysis, and reporting. 

This report outlines the key findings of the survey, detailing the current situation and what CFOs plan to do to improve their capability to forecast the future. 

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