Kind Consumer appoint Profit& to deliver Operational Excellence Reporting

Kind Consumer, a pioneering healthcare research and development company, has engaged Profit& to implement enterprise performance management (EPM) to deliver critical decision support information.  The solution will be implemented using Anaplan software.  Anaplan Hyperblock in-memory calculation engine on the cloud native Connected Planning platform combines powerful analytics, single source of data with the ability to collaborate on connected plans.

Profit& will build a solution to migrate Kind Consumer’s MS Excel based, 5 year planning model to Anaplan, integrating data from multiple sources including external suppliers.  The solution will be developed to run the business from Executive and Operational Excellence dashboards.

Powerful analytics are crucial to enable Kind Consumer to run scenarios such as evaluating the return on investment from new territories and marketing campaigns for instance.  Collaborative planning across the organisation, with suppliers and sellers contributing data directly into Anaplan, will enable the business to monitor supply chain performance, sales and profitability.




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